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Necessary Info. For New International Students

 Necessary Info. For New International Students

(Fall Semester 2011)


Welcome to Shandong Normal University! Please go through the Info. If anywhere that you don’t understand quite well, please resort to the dictionary or someone else.

a.                   School office will be informed of your arrival in time by the Front Desk of the Foreign Student Building (FSB). So you don’t need go to the School office after checking in until you’re asked to unless you have entered China and stayed for nearly 30 days with your visa going to expire.

b.                   The self-supported students pay for the room at the front desk.

c.                   In the vicinity of the FSB, there are a number of restaurants besides a supermarket (RT-Mart), where you can get nearly all the commodities and food.

d.                  Arrangements around the start of the semester:

Sept.6-10,    New students register

Sept. 13,     Placement test and interview for new students

Sept.14,     Students meet with class supervisors, buy textbooks, and acquaint themselves with the teaching and living environments and related regulations ; Classes begin

e.                   Please come to the lobby of FSB by 8:15 a.m. on Sept. 13, Tuesday. You’ll be led to the School classrooms for placement test. On Sept. 14, those who are supposed to afford textbooks will be asked to pay 200 RMB for the textbooks, and they’ll get refunded or be asked to pay more according to the practical book cost within two weeks.

f.                    Students who afford themselves need pay the tuition and registration fee by Sept. 23 with more directions from School Office.

g.                   School Office will help to prepare certain documents, fill in certain forms and go to apply for the Residence Permit sometime before Sept. 29.

h.                   Any emergency, call Mr. Liu by his cell phone number of 13066033081 (For Chinese Government Scholarship and Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship students, self-supported students )Mr. Huang by his cell phone number of  13969090218 ( Confucius Institute Scholarship students, exchange students, self-supported students).