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President Yu Zhigang Visits Partner Universities in Australia and Pushes for Substantive Cooperation

President Yu Zhigang Visits Partner Universities in Australia and Pushes for Substantive Cooperation

From May 21 to 23, Yu Zhigang, the President of Ocean University of China, led a delegation to two universities in Australia. President Yu signed an agreement of cooperation with the University of Adelaide, renewed the one with the University of Tasmania and had in-depth discussions on talent cultivation and scientific research, thus pushing for many substantive cooperative arrangements. Professors and staff from the College of Information Science and Engineering, the College of Engineering, the College of Food Science and Engineering, the Academic Affairs Office and the International Office joined the visit.  

The delegation visited the University of Adelaide on May 21, aiming to establish a cooperative relationship between the two universities and to promote the construction of a joint education institution. Prof. Nancy Cromar, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International) together with Dr. Glen Stafford, Director of Internationalization Strategy and Prof. Katrina Falkner, Deputy Dean for the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, held discussions with members of the delegation. The two universities signed a memorandum of cooperation. 


 Meeting at the University of Adelaide 



OUC signed memorandum of cooperation with the University of Adelaide 

In the afternoon, President Yu Zhigang and the University of Adelaide’s Vice-Chancellor and President Peter Rathjen had an in-depth conversation on the collaboration between the two universities, and decided to start building cooperative education institutions immediately. Members of the delegation held a discussion with professors from the School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering and Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences. Both parties unanimously agreed that the cooperation should focus on marine engineering, computer science and technology, artificial intelligence and other relevant fields. During the visit, the delegation visited the laboratories for multi-intelligent control and for energy materials (graphene and 3D printing). 


President Yu presented a gift to Vice-Chancellor and President Peter Rathjen after the meeting  


 University of Adelaide’s Energy Materials (3D Printing) Laboratory


On May 22, the delegation arrived in Hobart, Australia, to a warm welcome from the University of Tasmania. At noon, the delegation visited the university’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies and held a meeting with the institute’s head, Chris Carter, and Prof. Andrew McMinn, Associate Dean for Internationalization and an OUC National Thousand Overseas Talent Program scholar. 


 The delegation held a meeting with members the University of Tasmania's Marine and Antarctic Research Institute  

In the afternoon of the same day, Vice-Chancellor and President Rufus Black, Prof. Bridge Heywood, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Rob Atkinson, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global, Marketing and Recruitment), Prof. Richard Coleman, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure), professors from the College of Science and Engineering, and members of the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies  attended the meeting. The two universities renewed their memorandum of cooperation. After the meeting, the two sides agreed to continue the construction of cooperative education programs and to expand postgraduate cooperation in the fields of the environment, aquatics, fisheries, biology and others. They also agreed to strengthen scientific research cooperation and joint doctoral training, focusing on oceanic and atmospheric sciences (physical oceanography, ocean observation technology and polar science), fisheries (mariculture and nutrition) maritime law (polar research) and other disciplines in order to establish joint research centers. The two universities decided to hold annual academic seminars, to jointly apply for international scientific and technological cooperation projects and to jointly cultivate doctoral students. In addition they will strengthen their scientific research cooperation and educational exchanges in food science and engineering, marine science and other fields. During the visit, the delegation also visited the University’s Fisheries & Aquaculture Research and Development Center.



President Yu Zhigang and President Black renewed the memorandum of cooperation  


Group photo 


The University of Tasmania’s Fisheries & Aquaculture (Salmon), Center at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies