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1. An IS who has finished/completed their studies shall be awarded an academic certificate.

Undergraduates and graduates: students who have fulfilled their credits in the designated period of time shall be awarded the certificate of graduation; those who have passed the thesis defence and fulfilled the corresponding credits shall be awarded degree certificates; those who have failed shall be awarded certificate for advanced studies.
One week after the release of the exam results each semester, the head teacher will handle the certificate of training for the advanced students. After one week, students can go through the formalities in the Management Office for the IEC. Those who have failed to reach the requirements for academic results shall be awarded certificate for studies.

2. Certificate for a Student Status, Certificate for Academic Record, and Others

   Certificate for a Student Status: the Management Office for the IEC (hereafter refer to as the Office) shall provide an IS the Certificate for a Student Status in a Chinese or English version during their stay in the university.
Certificate for Academic Record, Certificate for Tuition Payment and other certificates shall be issued at the Office. A complete transcript in Chinese will be provided by the appropriate college and department when a degree student graduates.

3. Student ID card

   At the beginning of every semester, ISs need to apply for registration in the university and submit one passport size photo and a 20 yuan deposit. The Student ID Card shall be used for identifying student status and for helping buy discount ship or airplane tickets to your home country, as well as enjoying favorable price tour tickets within the borders of China.
Deposits can be returned by the Office with the student ID card when ISs finish their study at OUC. If the card is lost, the deposit shall not be refunded. The card can be replaced if students change their majors. An IS is required to submit one passport size photo and a 20 yuan deposit to replace the lost card. It will take five working days to receive a new card.
The student ID card shall be issued within one month at the beginning of the new semester if ISs want to apply for it.

4. Campus Smart Card

1) Cafeteria card: The card shall be issued every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 20 yuan as the card issuing fee at the campus cafeteria and can be used in the cafeteria, supermarket and for the shuttle bus of the university. There will be a 5% recharging service fee each time.
2) Campus Smart Card: The international undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students in the same class with Chinese counterparts may apply for this type of card. An IS needs to hand in one personal photo. This card can be used not only for consumption but also for borrowing books from the OUC library. An IS shall be required to pay a 400 yuan deposit to open the library function. (The deposit will be refunded when an IS returns the smart card.)
The campus smart card shall be generally handled at the beginning of every semester during registration. A lost card shall be replaced after the card issuing fee is paid. When returning the cards with library functions ISs shall first contact the class supervisor who is in charge of returning the cards and deposits.