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Enrollment and Registration
 New Student Registration

Newly recruited students shall bring an Admission Notice and a Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 Form) to handle registration formalities at OUC within the prescribed time.
The Admissions Office for the IEC at OUC (Room 111 and Room 113 of the teaching building on the Fushan campus)
1. An IS who resides on campus shall take his or her passport, the Admission Notice and the JW202 Form to complete lodging procedures in the IEC dormitory buildings on the Fushan campus or the front desk of the Golden Hotel on the Yushan campus. Those who reside off campus, such as hotels or residential houses, must apply for the valid Temporary Resident permit issued by the hotels or the local police station. Avoid checking into non-foreign-related hotels.
2. An IS shall take six bare-headed and full-faced passport photos to the Admissions Office, present his or her passport, the Admission’s Letter and the JW202 Form to the registrar, fill out the Registration Procedure Sheet for International Students of OUC, and obtain the International Student Handbook of OUC.
3. An IS shall pay fees in the Financial Office (first floor of the IEC dormitory building) with the Registration Procedure Sheet for International Student issued by the registrar on the Fushan campus.
4. An IS shall complete the visa registration procedures with his or her Registration Procedure Sheet, invoice for tuition payment and passport in the Management Office for the IEC (Room 115).
5. Language students shall buy books and check their required classes in room 112 of the IEC teaching building with their Registration Procedure Sheets. Students for academic degrees shall register, select classes, buy books and check their streamed classes in their colleges and departments with their Registration Procedure Sheets and Admission Notice.
6. An IS shall go to the Quarantine Bureau of Qingdao International Travel Health-Care Center for health certification or physical checkup.
7. ISs shall attend the opening ceremony for the new academic year.
For the convenience of the students, a registration office is set up on the first floor of the IEC teaching building. The registration procedures of the one-stop service are as follows:


2.2 Current Student Registration





1. At the beginning of each semester, a current on-campus IS shall go through the registration procedures with his or her student ID card and passport (off-campus ISs shall also take the Temporary Resident Permits) in the Registration Office according to the prescribed date.
2. A current IS are required to go through the registration procedures in his or her college and department with Registration Procedure Sheet.
Any IS of OUC is required to complete his or her registration procedures within two weeks after the beginning of school. An IS who cannot register within the designated time shall ask for leave in advance, otherwise will be regarded as automatically leaving OUC and the university will annul the student status according to the OUC regulations.

2.3 Fees
2.3.1. Regulations for Payment of Fees:
(1)An IS shall pay the tuition fees within the prescribed time. Newly recruited IS shall pay all the fees for the whole semester or for one academic year at registration.
(2)Deferment of payment due to uncontrollable reasons requires written application with the approval of the university.
(3)All fees shall be paid in RMB only.
(4)ISs should keep the tuition payment receipt.
2.3.2. Regulations for Refund of Fees
(1)Tuition fees for the current semester will not be refunded for degree students who have been granted suspension from schooling by the university. The tuition fees remain valid when they resume schooling.
(2) ISs who have neither registered in their colleges nor attended classes within the first week after the semester begins will receive a 90% refund of tuition when they leave OUC. Those who have or have not attended classes within 30 days will receive a 40% refund of tuition when they drop out; thirty days after the semester starts, there shall be no refund.
(3)ISs applying for refunds must fill out the Tuition Refund Application Form at the Admissions Office for IEC. Only with the consent of relevant authorities can they be refunded according to the above regulations.
(4)An IS who has obtained a Resident Permit is required to cancel his or her Resident Permit before applying for a refund.
(5) ISs who have obtained their F Visas after handing in the Admission’s Letter and JW 202 form shall transform the F Visa to a short-term L visa for tuition refund when they drop out.
(6)An IS shall hand in the tuition payment receipt for the refund 10 days before his or her departure. No refund will be granted without the receipt