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Guide for International Students

Guide for International Students

1. Arrivals and Registration

International students must report to the IEC of OUC with 8 photos, the passport, Admission Notice, JW202 or JW201 and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner at the time specified in the Admission Notice. Those who fail to register without the prior consent of the IEC will be considered as voluntarily giving up the enrollment, and those who are unable to register at the specified time must seek permission from the IEC directly.
Notes:(1) All applicants should be at least 18 years of age and in good health. (2) All application materials must be submitted in Chinese or English. (3) Application materials and fees are nonrefundable, whether or not the applicants are accepted by the university. The application fee should be paid by cash or postal remittance, personal checks are not accepted.

2. Study

Compulsory courses for Chinese language students and the undergraduates majoring in Chinese are usually conducted from 8:00 to 12:00 am every Monday through Friday, while selective courses are held in the afternoon. These selective courses include Taiji, Chinese Culture, Chinese history, Business Chinese, English etc. International students enjoy national festivals and holidays of China and the summer and winter vacations of the university.

The university provides a tutorial course for the HSK exam taught by highly qualified teachers. These classes require an additional fee.
Chinese language students and the undergraduates majoring in Chinese attend classes at the Fushan (Maidao) campus. Students attend CBP classes at the Yushan campus.

3. Study Tours

In spring and autumn, IEC regularly organizes study tours to historical and scenic places for international students. Part of the costs is covered by the university.

4. Scholarships

In order to encourage international students, the university has established scholarship. Those who attend classes regularly and perform excellently in their studies have an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship. 

5. Living Conditions

IEC is in the Fushan (Maidao) campus which is conveniently located, and it takes only 30 minutes by taxi to the airport.