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College of Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication

    The College of Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication at OUC is well-known for its intellectual vitality. With four departments and seven institutes, the College offers five undergraduate programs and four Master’s Degree programs. The Research Center of State Cultural Industry is included in the college. Our faculty is composed of 35 professors and associate professors, 25 of whom have received their doctorates. We are greatly honored to have Mr. Wang Meng, a famous scholar and writer, serve as the honorary president of our college. The College attaches great importance to international communication and cooperation in the academic research. Coeducational relations have been established with more than ten universities and institutes, including those from the UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. For the purpose of broadening students’ horizons, the College offers a series of lectures given by famous scholars’ from home and abroad.
Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Sinology Department
Department of Journalism and Communication
Department of Cultural Industry
Marine Culture Institute