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College of Foreign Languages

    The College of Foreign Languages has developed rapidly in recent years. It now offers five undergraduate programs: English, Japanese, Korean, French and German, as well as one first-level graduate program: Foreign Languages and Literature Graduate Program, which includes six second-level graduate programs: linguistics and applied linguistics, English language and literature, Japanese language and literature, Korean language and literature, French language and literature and German Language and Literature. The Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Program is nominated key discipline of Shandong Province. There are 29 professors and 36 associate professors in the college. The Institute of Foreign Languages and Culture is also affiliated. There are about 60 faculty members in the college who primarily teach non- English major students. Also housed in the college is the Foreign Language Test Center, administering such test programs as IELTS, TOFEL, BEC, PETS, BFT, J-TEST, NAETI, Japanese Proficiency Test and Korean Proficiency Test. There are five departments in the college:

Department of English:    English (BA); English Language and Literature (MA) and Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (MA)
Department of Japanese:    Japanese (BA); Japanese Language and Literature (MA)
Department of Korean:    Korean (BA); Korean Language and Literature (MA)
Department of French:    French (BA); French Language and Literature (MA)
Western Languages:    German: (BA); German language and Literature (MA)
Department of College English