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College of Economics

    The College of Economics has a faculty of 45 including 15 professors and 15 associate professors. The College now offers four Bachelor’s Degree programs in International Economy & Trade, Finance, Logistics Management, and Marine Economics as well as six MA programs for postgraduates majoring in Finance, International Economy and Trade, Regional Economics, Labor Economics, Industrial economics, Fiscal Science, National Economics, Quantity Economics, Logistics Management and MBA.

Department of International Economy & Trade
The Department of International Economy and Trade fosters the students’ competence in International Communication, International Trade and International Marketing. The Logistics Management Program is a bilingual program (Chinese and English), which focuses on the international process of logistics. The Marine Economics program focuses on efficient allocation and utilization of marine resources for the benefit of mankind while maintaining healthy marine bio-systems.

Department of Finance
The Finance Program focuses on banking, insurance, finance, and transnational commerce.

Department of Economics
The Economics Program focuses on fundamental theories of economics, national economics, and industrial economics.

Marine Economy Research Institute (MERI)
MERI is the key humanistic and social key research institute in Shandong province. It focuses on the research and development of marine economic theory and practice. MERI also issues the Chinese-English bilingual academic journal of Ocean Economics Review.

Qingdao Applied Economics Research Center (QAERC)
QAERC is the joint research center by Qingdao Municipal Government and Ocean University of China. It focuses on the researches of local economic development and innovation in Qingdao.