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College of Management

    Established in 1987, College of Management has grown into the one with reasonable teaching structure, outstanding discipline advantage and excellent faculty with strong expertise. It has a faculty of 84, including 23 professors and 26 associate professors. A number of 26 teachers have obtained their Doctoral Degrees, and more than 95% have Master’s Degrees. If now it has 443 postgraduates and 1172 undergraduates. The College has set up four departments, including Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing and E-commerce as well as Tourism. It offers such courses as Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Tourism Management, Finance and E-commerce. It offers two Doctoral Degrees, six Master’s Degrees, Six Bachelor’s Degrees, three professional programs (referring to Table1). In addition, it has made substantial achievement in terms of both the research programs at national, provincial and ministry level and the research projects entrusted by the local government and large enterprises.