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College of Engineering

    OUC has focused on the sciences and engineering since its beginning and Ocean Engineering was an important part in its original departments. In 1980, the Department of Ocean Engineering was set up at OUC, and in 1993 the College of Engineering was established. Today, the College of Engineering (COE) is a diverse community, in which faculty members, students, and professional staff work together and are dedicated to the development and application of advanced technologies, for the progress of China.
    The College of Engineering offers undergraduate programs in Harbor, Channel and Coastal Engineering, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, Automation & Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design. In addition, an ocean option is available in COE because the same fundamental concepts underlie all branches of engineering.
    Graduate study is available in the College of Engineering at doctoral level in Harbor, Coastal & Offshore Engineering and at master’s level in Disaster Prevention & Protection Engineering, Engineering Thermo-physics, Control Theory & Control Engineering, Hydraulics & River Dynamics, Management Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.
The College of Engineering consists of four departments and three research institutes, and has more than 100 faculty members, including 24 professors, 21 associate professors and five senior engineers. Post-doctoral position is also available in Harbor, Coastal & Offshore Engineering. There are 10 Ph.D. supervisors in the professors of COE.

Departments and Degrees:
Department of Ocean Engineering
Harbor, Channel and Coastal Engineering (Ph.D., ME, BE)
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (ME, BE)

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (ME, BE)
Engineering Thermo-physics Program (ME)
Industrial Design (BE)

Department of Automation
Automation& Control Engineering (ME, BE)

Department of Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering (ME, BE)
Engineering Management (ME, BE)

Research Institute:
Research Institute of Ocean Disaster Prevention & Protection Engineering

Research Institute of Coastal and Offshore Engineering

Research Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Geo-technique