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School of Medicine and Pharmaceutics

    Formerly “Marine Drug and Food Institute” founded in 1980 and renamed in 2005, School of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ocean University of China is one of the earliest institutions engaged in marine pharmaceutical researches in China. The School owns one national key laboratory, one provincial key laboratory appointed by the Ministry of Education, one National Research Center for Marine Pharmaceutical Engineering by Ministry of Science and Technology and one Shandong Provincial key laboratory. In addition, the School offers posts of professorship of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program” and “Taishan Scholars Program”.

    There are 48 faculty members currently including one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, one Cheung Kong Scholar, one OUC’s Project for Recruiting Overseas Chinese Scientist, one principal scientist of ‘National Basic Research Program of China’ (973 Project), one ‘New Century Talent’ authorized by the Ministry of Education, altogether 13 professors and 11 associate professors.

    The School has modern, well-equipped research laboratories and facilities. There are seven marine pharmaceutical areas including natural product chemistry, glycobiology and glycochemistry, synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular pharmacology, molecular biology and information center. The School offers programs leading to Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences and post-doctoral training program as well. Until now the School has developed a comparatively well-rounded system characterized by training professionals in the field of marine pharmaceutical science.

In recent years, School of Medicine and Pharmacy has been in charge of more than 40 important national projects including ‘Project 973’ and ‘Project 863’. Four marine drugs and a series of dietary supplement products have been developed and industrialized, among which there was the first marine drug–Polysaccharide Sulfate (PSS). Currently, there are three drug candidates against life-threatening diseases undergoing phase II/III clinical trials.

    Moreover, the School has set up long-term and effective cooperation with several well-known research institutes, in terms of resources sharing, staff exchanges, academic exchanges and scientific research. These institutes include national institutes such as Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of CAS, Kunming Institute of Botany of CAS, Military Academy of Medical Sciences and in particular, international institutes such as University of Iowa and University of Michigan in USA, University of Brest in France and University of Düsseldorf in Germany.

    In a word, the School of Medicine and Pharmacy is a scientific and educational enterprise being dynamic and productive. We have organized a unique group of exceptionally talented faculty members and students in a pleasant and harmonious research environment.