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College of Food Science and Engineering

The College of Food Science and Engineering, which grew out of the Fishery Products Processing of the Fishery Department, established in 1946, and then Food Engineering Department in 1986, was founded in April, 2004. The College offers two undergraduate programs (Food Science and Engineering and Biological Engineering), one state key discipline (Aquatic Product Processing and Preserving Engineering) one provincial key laboratory of Shandong Province (Seafood Safety Lab).The College is approved to confer the Doctoral Degree in food science and engineering for doctoral candidates majoring in food science, as well as Master’s Degree in food science and engineering. The College consists of 38 teachers including one specially appointed professor, who was awarded by the Taishan Scholars Program, 10 professors, 10 associate professors, 10 lecturers as well as six technicians of engineering. In the past five years, it has grown to more than 330 registered undergraduates, over 150 graduates. Among them there are 40 doctors. The college has educated 923 undergraduates, 115 students enrolled in short-term courses as well as 158 graduates including 54 doctors. They have published 668 excellent theses, compiled 16 subjects and textbooks as well as completed 73 state, provincial and international exchange research tasks, in which five prizes were awarded by the provincial and national governments.
The College has excellent research conditions and available equipment. There are over ten labs with various specialties and characterized by research and teaching in the College. Meanwhile, we have advanced equipment such as gas chromatographic instruments, gas mass spectrometer, phase liquid chromatography, biology automated microbes identification system, food texture instruments, ion chromatography, low temperature refrigeration as well as high-speed centrifuge, which amount to several million yuan RMB. We have bases for teaching and research which can produce sample products. This College has been in charge of the state research tasks in terms of the seafood chemistry and seafood safety, and plays an important role in the domestic and international academic fields which have reached the international level.