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College of Marine Geo-science

The College of Marine Geo-sciences offers three doctoral programs in Marine Geo-science, Marine Geochemistry and Marine Geophysics, and eight Master’s Degree programs in Marine Geology, Geo-chemistry, Mineralogy-Petrography-Ore Deposits, Geo-exploration & Information Technology, Mining Exploration & Engineering, Tectonics, Quaternary Geology and Engineering Geology as well as three programs for Bachelor’s Degree. Among the disciplines in this College, Marine Geology and Geo-exploration & Information Technology are key disciplines at the provincial level. The faculty currently includes one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 16 Ph.D. supervisors and 26 professors.

Department of Marine Geo-sciences
This program trains high-level Marine professionals in the areas of Marine Geo-science:
Seafloor Resource Exploration and Development,
Offshore Engineering Exploration,
Sedimentary Record and Marine Environment Evolution,
Environmental Evaluation of Sea Area with China’s Territory and Urban Planning & Construction in Coastal Cities.
Department of Geo-exploration and Information Technology
This program trains high-level researchers, developers or managers in the area of Marine Geophysics and its related fields:
Geo-information Science and Technology,
Mining Exploration & Engineering,
Geophysics Data Process, and
Software Engineering Design.

Three institutes of Estuarine and Coastal Zone, Marine Geochemistry and Geology & Geophysics take part in the above-mentioned training programs.