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College of Information Science and Engineering

  The College provides Doctoral/Master’s programs in Ocean Information Sensing and Processing, Mapping and Geographical Information System, and Computer Application Technology, as well as Master’s programs in Acoustics, Optical Engineering, Signal and Information Processing, Telecommunication and Information System, Photogram metric Engineering and Remote Sensing, Condensed Matter Physics, Computer Theory and Software, etc. It has a key laboratory of the State Ministry of Education for Ocean Remote Sensing, three provincial key disciplines on Marine, Physics, Mapping and Geographical Information System, as well as Computer Application Technology. The College also offers a post of professorship of Cheung Kong Scholars Program in Ocean Remote Sensing, and one of Taishan Scholars Program in Mapping & Geographical Information System.

Department of Physics: Physics, Ocean Technology, Optical Information Science and Technology

Department of Electronic Engineering: Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering

Department of Computer Science: Computer Science and Technology