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Student Service

Notice on Accommodation in Foreign Students Dormitory:
1. Shanghai Maritime University provides international students dormitory within the campus which costs 1200 RMB one student for one month (double room). You can pay by month.
2. We will ask for a room deposit of 500 RMB, please be prepared. The room deposit will be returned to you when you check out and you must show us the receipt to have the refund.
3. When the housing contract expires, you should check out in time. You will need to return your room key to check out. If you can not check out on time in case of special circumstances, you will need to go through certain procedures to extend your living period. When the housing contract expires, if you do not check out or extend your living period in the following three days, we will take back the room and dispose of the things left in the room.
4. We don’t provide beddings in International Students Dormitory. You will need to prepare yourself or you can buy after you come here. You can buy in the convenient store at the supermarkets nearby.
5. The Service Table of the International Students Dormitory is 24 hours open. You can check in after you arrive. Telephone of the Service Table: 58855200ext2017.
6. Those who are accommodated in International Students Dormitory must go to the Foreign Affairs Office of the school to take and fill in Foreign Students On-Campus Accommodation Application Form, which is required for the Office to apply forTemporary Accommodation Registration Form for Foreigners.
Off-Campus Accommodation for International Students
Shanghai adopts accommodation registration management for international students who live off-campus. Within 10 days after your entry, within 24 hours after moving into the apartment, you are required to go to local police station to go through the temporary accommodation registration procedures.
1. Sign a contract with the landlord and ask him to apply for a Security License for his apartment.
2. Go to Foreign Students Office to take and fill in Foreign Students Off-Campus Accommodation Application Form.
3. Go to local police station to apply for a Temporary Accommodation Registration Form for Foreigners with your passport, copy of passport, one passport-sized photo, contract, Security License for the apartment (provided by the landlord) and Foreign Students Off-Campus Accommodation Application Form.
4. During your study here, if you change your address, you will need to go through the same procedures again.
Medical Insurance
International students are expected to have insurance, medical and accident insurance at least when studying in China according to the policy of National Ministry of Education. An insurance policy, purchased abroad and covers students’ duration in China, is acceptable. Overseas students who do not have insurance, need to purchase the insurance for overeaseas students when they register.

Physical Examination:

1. The foreign students should go through physical examination in the following 30 days after your entry and get Health Qualification Certificate.
2. Place to exam: Shanghai Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, International Travel Healthcare Center
Address: No. 15 Jinbang Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00---15:30
Reservation Tel:             86-21-62688851     
3. Documents needed:
(1) Passport and copy of passport
(2) three 2-inch photos (passport-sized)
(3) Admission Notice
4. Chinese government will refuse the entry of people with the diseases below. If you happen to have any of the five diseases, please give up your plan to study in China.
(1) Aids
(2) Venereal Disease
(3) Leprosy
(4) Lunacy
(5) Tuberculosis