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Notice to International Students of Autumn Semester 2011
Guide for Registration

1. New Semester Arrangement
Application & Payment: Aug.22 - 26, 2011(Mon.-Fri. 9:00 - 16:00)
Registration: Aug.22 - 26, 2011(Mon.-Fri. 9:00 - 16:00)
Class Duration: Aug.29 - Dec.23, 2011(Mon.-Fri. 9:00 - 12:15)
2. If you don’t have a Chinese name, please find yourself a Chinese name, and write it down on the Admission Notice. You will have to use your Chinese name in the university, so please remember your Chinese name.
3. Please fill in Application Form for International Students at Shanghai Maritime University according to the instruction.
4. You should go to the local Chinese Embassy to apply for a visa to enter China. For details, please read Visa and Residence Permit.
5.Chinese government will refuse the entry of people with certain diseases. For details, please read Physical Examination.
6. For tuition and housing fees, please read Guide for Payment of Tuition and Housing Fees.
7. New students should register according to the dates on the admission notice.
Documents needed for registration:
(1) Letter of Acceptance
(2) Valid passport
(3) Four passport-sized photos
(4) JW202 Form(Original Visa Application Form)
(5) Physical Examination Report for Foreigners
(6) Application Form for International Students at Shanghai Maritime University
8. If you cannot register on time, you should contact International Students Office beforehand and fax a letter to us. You can only ask for leave for no longer than two weeks since the registration date. If you do not ask for leave and fail to register at SMU, your study will be cancelled.
9. If you want to live in SMU Dormitory, you will need to book one month before the semester begins.
10. You can also rent an apartment or live in your relative or friend’s home, and you will need to go through certain procedures to live off-campus. Please read Off-Campus Accommodation for Foreign Students.
11. According to the related legislation of the Chinese Ministry of Education, all foreign students in China must buy “Foreign Students Overall Insurance”. For details, please consult Medical Insurance for New Foreign Students and Brief Introduction to Foreign Students Overall Insurance.
12. Address of Shanghai Maritime University
No.1550 Pudong Avenue, Shanghai 200135, China
Guide for Payment of Tuition and Housing Fees
1. Tuition: It should be paid in cash at The Center for Chinese Studies,SMU on the registration dates.
2. Late fee: If you fail to pay tuition before the registration deadline you will need to pay a late fee of 5% of tuition for one semester before you can register.
3. You can register only after you pay your tuition. If you fail to register within the first two weeks after registration dates, you will be regarded as giving up your study.
4. Housing fees: It should be paid in cash at The Center for Chinese Studies on the registration dates.
5. You will need to pay tuition for the whole semester all at once and housing fees by month.
6. Refund: If you want to cancell your study and apply before the registration days, you will have a refund of the tuition fee. If the appication is made within the first week after registration, you will have a refund of 50% of tuition. If it is after the first week, you will have no refund. The refund will be calculated in RMB.