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Introduction of Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students

Shanghai Government Scholarship program started in Shanghai Maritime University from 2007. This project is to assist the study of international students applying for graduate programs.

There are there types of scholarships:

Class A

Class A is full scholarship. It covers tuition, fundamental teaching material and accommodation (at foreign student dormitories); it provides insurance for major diseases and accidents; living allowance will be offered monthly, 1100 RMB for master student and 1400 RMB for PHD student.

Class B

Class B is semi-scholarship, covering tuition and fundamental teaching material.

Class C

Class C is awarded to the international students who excel in moral and academic performances for long term. It is 4,000 to 8,000 RMB per year. Students studying for non-degree program, i.e., the Chinese Language training program, will also have the opportunity to be granted by Class C.